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For the third edition of The Art Encounters Biennial in Timișoara,a series of context-sensitive commissions will reflect on contemporary art as a form of understanding which, along with science, politics, literature, and philosophy, helps us tackle the complexity of life today. Curators Maria Lind and Anca Rujoiuwill match artworks and practices with situations, locations, and questions, placing them alongside existing works that will be embedded in the landscape and history of Timișoara. Among them a series of thematic architecture walks through the city will take place. The Biennial’s name, Art Encounters, acts as further inspiration for discussion and reflection. Each artwork will be the product of encounters, and aims to find and develop contact and conflict zones with groups and individuals around the art.


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The volunteer program is addressed to students and young graduates interested in engaging within the research, production and mediation stages of the Biennial. The program entails a direct exchange with the artists, curators and the Art Encounters team, an opportunity to learn and be part of the multi-layered process of this Biennial.


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The 2019 ArtEncounters Biennial grows around the meaningful dialogues of the curators and invited artists with the city of Timișoara and its people and it remains, as always, a creative meeting point for artists, communities, institutions, and ideas.