Collection Collective

Vlad Basalici, Roman Biček, Dora GarcíaDan Mihăltianu, Martin Piaček, Raluca Popa, Alicja Rogalska, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Valentina Vetturi

Collection Collective was initiated as a speculative curatorial proposal wherein a group of artists, designers, architects, lawyers, economists, and cultural producers were invited to reflect on the possibility of constructing a contemporary art collection that is owned and managed collectively by its members. As a curatorial research hypothesis, the project asked whether an alternative can be identified to narratives which, from the Florentine studiolo and the Kunstkammer, and up to contemporary private collections, conceives the phenomenon of collecting as an alibi for a narcissistic self-identification of the private subject. It functions according to a very simple principle: each member offers work for the collection according to skill and expertise.