The Communist Consumer Museum

Architect Laszlo Szekely str., 1

Tue—Sat: 11:00―23:00
Sun: 14:00―23:00, opening weekend: 11:00―23:00

Ahmet Öğüt

The Museum of the Communist Consumer is an informal museum, founded by people who aim to preserve the history and the memory of a city, culture and country. Located on Architect Laszlo Szekely Street 1, in the basement of a house which is also hosting Auăleu theatre events and the Scârţ bar, the Museum of the Communist Consumer is set up like a typical apartment of the so-called ”golden age”, overfilled with clothing items, furniture, decorative objects, vinyl records, books, toys, tableware, glasswork, stationary, school supplies, etc. The visitors can snoop through the museum’s exhibits, by staring, sniffing, touching or listening, since nothing is behind glass.

The museum’s collection of objects is constantly growing as people are endlessly contributing. The museum doesn’t benefit from any funding, there is no entrance fee and its opening hours are daily between 10:00-23:00. The museum still accepts donations. If you want to support this museum, the easiest way is to sweep its floors.