#Independent Publishing Platform

This platform aims at highlighting the field of independent publishing in its full diversity. Several local, regional and national independent publishers and distributors are invited to take part in the platform and present their publications alongside a showcase of artists’ books.

The three components of this platform are: the collective readings sessions, the presentation of art books published by independent initiatives, and the artists’ books display.

#Artist Books

  • Tatiana Fiodorova
  • Nicoleta Moise

#Collective Readings

The participants in the collective reading program are: Ana Bilbao (editor Afterall journal, London), editorial collective of Cutra (feminist magazine, Bucharest), Adriana Gheorghe (artist and writer, Bucharest), Delia Grigore (Romani writer, academic, and activist), Radu Pavel Gheo (writer, Timișoara), Leah Whitman Salkin (editor and co-founder 28 November, bookshop / reading room, Tirana).

#Independent publishers:

The participants in the in the platform dedicated to independent publications are: Balamuc (artist collective, Timișoara), Două Bufniţe (bookstore, Timișoara), Tatiana Fiodorova (artist and educator, Chișinău), Nicoleta Moise (artist, Bucharest), Tijana Savatic (poet,Belgrade), Stevan Vukovic (theorist and curator, Belgrade), IDEA Publishing House (Cluj), kuda.org (artist collective, Novi Sad), PUNCH (bookstore and publisher, Bucharest / Timișoara), Institute of the Present (publisher, Bucharest), Galeria Posibilă (art gallery and publisher, Bucharest). 

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