The most beautiful books of Romania

The Most Beautiful Books from Romania – CMFC – is an annual cultural project dedicated to book design, to the artistic dimension of the book as an object. The project restores book design as a reference to the reader’s relationship to books. The project was initiated in 2012 by the Association for Culture and Performance, with the support of several institutions and organizations in the cultural, artistic, editorial and educational field,  as a platform for debate on book design, both for the professionals in the publishing world, the designers, the illustrators and the public, providing a framework for appreciation and an international perspective.

The central activity is the national book design competition, which is followed by a series of exhibitions of beautiful books. The selection of books includes examples of good practice in finishing, design and layout, but especially several examples of concept – books that gather ideas, production and talent under the same covers.

The judging process has a significant professional component that consists in debate and sharing of perspectives among the jurors. The project organizes conferences, workshops, public talks meant to stimulate interest in books and design.