Adriana Gheorghe

Adriana Gheorghe has been working, for the last ten years, with performance and writing and a gravely irreverent sense of indeterminacy and hybridity while in constant relation to contexts (conceptual, physical, political, human) for the reformulation of the same ongoing artistic and living practice – the performative imagining of the humans in relation to language and representation, hijacking subjectivity and identity with the crack of endless potentiality. She has presented work at Salonul de proiecte, Tranzit, ZKM Karlsruhe, ICR Berlin, MNAC Bucharest, Brut Viena, Akademie Solitude, TanzFaktur Köln, Kunsthaus KuLe, PACT, PAF St. Erme, Atelier 35, ODD Bucharest. With Alina Popa she has been constantly, invisibly & implicitly collaborating for the last five years feeding a practice of endless potentiality and poetic and real transgression. Expanding her artistic practice, she is currently curating a process based program around performativity, called “Imagine Human”, by “curating” the people and trusting them to formulate a society based on co-inherence, in different forms of matter and spirit.