Interart TRIADE Foundation

The Triade Foundation has been present on the cultural scene of Timișoara since the year 2000 (founder: sculptor Peter Jecza). Objectives: knowing, studying, promoting cultural values, mediating art, through the promotion of artistic education, developing an audience and improving the social intercommunication climate. 

Relevant experience: The public space Triade Sculpture Park, the recovery of the avant-garde movement in Timișoara (the 111 Group, the Sigma Group), the restoration of the values of the 1960-1989 period through a publishing program which numbers over 200 art albums and books,  developing a promotion program for emerging art. Organizing over 200 exhibitions. Active role in the presentation of Romanian art abroad. Co-organizer of the Art Encounters Biennial (2015, 2017) 

Grants and fundings: AFCN (Prize for Entrepreneurship and Book Publishing), ICR(The Romanian Cultural Institute), the Ministry of Culture, Timișoara City Hall, etc.  Partnerships: West University of Timișoara, OAR Timiș(the Romanian Order of Architects), the Art Museums of Timișoara, Craiova, Cluj, the Art Encounters Foundation, Rueil Malmaison Hall, France, the Intercultural Center of Budapest, Schleifmülgasse Gallery, Vienna, the Gervasuti Foundation, Venice, the Diehl Gallery, Berlin, Romanian Cultural Institutes in Budapest, Berlin, Venice, Vienna, New York, etc.