Galeria Posibilă

Preoccupied with studying and understanding landscape, Galeria Posibilă presents artists whose works enable discussion of contemporary art and related fields. In the curatorial program these discussions are generated by the interest of artists for subjects such as identity, transformation and memory. 

Galeria Posibilă is also interested in artists’ publications as well as in promoting the artists’ works through catalogues. We seek to contribute in developing the art publication sector in Romania in a good and natural way, which makes us careful and responsible for each publication we work at. Hence, we choose a subject we cover in almost all our exhibitions and publications: nature and landscape in photography. In 2011, Biblioteca de galerie was developed, as resource space for students and artists specialised in the field of landscape theory and practices related to nature. 

Galeria Posibilă was founded by Matei Câlţia in 2003, being one of the first private galleries in Bucharest. It developed as a space where photography is supported, produced, exhibited and promoted.