Tuesday, 11, 10:00 – 12:00

#Biennial Talks: The Attic of the Faculty of Arts and Design Timișoara (4 Oituz street), talks with: Monotremu and Bella Rune

Monotremu ©infi.ro
Bella Rune ©infi.ro


Tuesday, 19:00 – 21:00
#Ambasada Gatherings

Ambasada Gatherings ©infi.ro
Ambasada Gatherings ©infi.ro


Friday, 16:00 – 18:00

#Collective Readings: La Două Bufniţe bookstore (11 Unirii Square), collective reading with: Radu Pavel Gheo.

The series will be inaugurated by Radu Pavel Gheo, writer from Timisoara whose work engages with themes of migration and borders. In addition, as part of his doctoral research, Gheo explored the writings of Müller and how the boundaries of what is conventionally defined as national literature stretch in the context of Romania.

The proposed collective lecture proposed, based on a selection of fictional and essay texts by Herta Müller and Radu Pavel Gheo, offers a cross-cultural perspective on local and global identities, on borders and foreignness, on what unites us and divides us.
We move in concentric circles, from Timişoara and Banat to the outside, and the borders are not only political but also mental. We see them as they are perceived and how they make us to perceive others, whether it’s the Timişoara and Germany of Herta Müller or Romania of Gheo’s characters. Inevitably, history is also present, for it marks borders and their identities and the perception upon them – and history also shapes the destinies of the people caught between them.