Saturday 18:15, TheMihai Eminescu” National Theater (Sala 2)

Želimir Žilnik #Screening: „Early Works”, 1969

Iconic for the so-called Yugoslav Black Wave of the 60s-70s, ”Early Works” (1969) offers a critical perspective over the Marxist ideology and its place in the ”revolutionary society” and reflects the questions and doubts in the socialist world after the crush of the Prague Spring and after the several international student upheavals. The films focuses on four youngsters – three boys and a girl – who try to arise, without success, the workers’ and countrymen’s consciousness.


Saturday, 22:15, Casa Artelor

Želimir Žilnik  #Screening: „Logbook_Serbistan”, 2015. Q&A session as part of Ceau, Cinema!

Made during the peak of the recent refugee crisis from Europe, ”Logbook_Serbistan” (2015) follows the life of the illegal immigrants and asylees accomodated in special centres from Serbia after they had dramatically escaped their native coutries, overcome by war and poverty.

Želimir Žilnik , Ceau, Cinema! © x-photo.ro


Sunday, 18:00, Gottlob, Timiș

Želimir Žilnik #Screening: „Kenedi Goes Back Home”, 2004 as part of Ceau, Cinema!

In ”Kenedi Goes Back Home” (2004), Želimir Žilnik tells the story of a few persons who left ex-Yugoslavia during the 90s because of the war and who spent over ten years in Western Europe as refugees or asylees, and now are trying to reintegrate in Serbia.


Friday, 17:00 – 19:00

#Collective Readings, Ambasada (2. Anton Seiller str.) collective reading with: Cutra

The second session is a collective reading proposed and hosted by members of the CUTRA collective, and is based on the essay-poem “Where It Hurts (When You Talk about Sports)” written by Jasmina Al-Qaisi for the first print edition of the CUTRA magazine. “It’s a text about pleasure, suffering and sports. About our complex bodies, athletic and fragile, in movement and idle. It’s got a bit of Audre Lorde, Paul Preciado and Nina Cassian, a little Tinder, masturbation and depression. An exercise in sensitivity, friendship, pain, a dialogue with several voices, some familiar, others not. <<It’s a poem like my backhander in ping-pong: learned during dead time, on the way to a perfect strike>>.”
The session does not require any prior reading, the text will be handed out at the beginning of the session.

Collective Readings, CUTRA © x-photo.ro