Friday, 13:00 – 14:00

#Biennial Talks: The Attic of the Faculty of Arts and Design Timișoara (4 Oituz street), talks with: Kray Chen and Anca Rujoiu

Kray Chen ©infi.ro


Saturday, 10:00 – 13:00

#Artists Workshops: The thought of this already has you in pain

Workshop (for students at the Faculty of Arts and Design with Mădălina Zaharia
Number of participants: 8 plus the artist
Location: The Art Encounters Foundation Attic
(Casa Isho, 46C Take Ionescu, Timișoara, 300124)

Description: You are all part of the audience for an artist talk that has just ended. The artist has finished her presentation and now is ready to open the discussion up for questions and comments, although not in the expected way. Instead of following the traditional format of a Q&A, the artist is using the PowerPoint presentation in order to direct and guide her conversation with the audience. Through symbols and shapes projected onto a screen, she is conducting the participants’ interactions, providing them with cues for what has now become a theatrical exercise in constructing an imaginary conversation.

This workshop will take the form of a short live action role-play (larp)* addressing the relationship between ‘speaking’ and ‘making’ and relying entirely on the players’ personal experience. You will be given a character sheet and an assigned symbol at the beginning of the workshop. No previous experience of larp is needed in order to take part in this experiment. Please wear comfortable clothing and contact Art Encounters in advance if you have any specific needs.

* Live action role-playing (larp) is a form of collaborative play in which participants interact with each other in character, constructing a theatrical scenario without the need of an audience. The players’ actions may be mediated by a game ruler or determined amongst themselves, contributing towards a structured but improvised situation.


Saturday, 6:00 pm, La Două Bufniţe

#Film Screenings: Special Screening: JoyceDay in Timișoara

The Joycean Society
A film by Dora García, 2013, 53 min (English)

The film focuses on a reading group based in Zürich who has been meeting dedicatedly since 1986 to read together and deconstruct sentence after sentence, word after word, James Joyce’s famous Finnegans Wake, renowned for its difficulty and its many different interpretations. Dora García has recorded these sessions in a Swiss club that boasts Europe’s most complete library of Joyce’s works. Her video The Joycean Society highlights the virtues of conversational practice, literary interpretation, and the collective production of meaning.
The screening is programmed in conjunction with James Joyce’s anniversary and it serves as a prologue to Dora García’s talk planned on 13th of February.


Wednesday, 18:00

#Biennial Talks: The Bookstore La Două Bufniţe (11 Unirii Square), artist talk with Dora García


Tuesday, 12:00 – 13:30

#Biennial Talks: The Attic of the Faculty of Arts and Design Timișoara (4 Oituz street), talks with: Anne Low and Florica Zaharia

Biennial Talks ©infi.ro