Tatiana Fiodorova

A Moldovan artist, educator who works on issues of social and political history, especially in connection with the post-Soviet transition period. 

Moldovan artist Tatiana Fiodorova was born and raised in Soviet Moldavia, but her formation as an artist fell on the 2000s – a difficult transition period for the Republic of Moldova associated with the development of a market economy and new values. The lost Soviet identity and the formation of a new identity for a Moldovan woman who is facing social, political and economic problems are in the focus of her artistic research. The study of “Soviet” especially in the post-Soviet space is one of the main important topics for the artist.

Last seven years artist’s books, which are one of her most prevalent means of expression. Publications: IN search of the social body of Soviet artist (2012), Soviet Passport (2014), Factory Steaua Rosie (2014), Bessarabia and Inhabitants (2016), Only I know how we survived (2018), Silk Propaganda (2018), In Search of the body of the Textile Industry (2018).