kuda.org (f.2001) is non-profit organization focused on experimental and critical art. Its activity include exhibitions-actions-interventions, research and publishing, artist-in-residency, discursive-educational, conducted locally and internationally, which aim to establish new models of artistic and cultural production, with focus on the process and organization of creative work. The initial focus on technology and art has expanded over time to a wider spectrum of social-political phenomena, which include continuous work on building a civil society that contributes to changing the socio-cultural conditions in local communities.

The kuda.read publishing program (https://www.kuda.org/sr/search?f%5B0%5D=taxonomy_vocabulary_6%3A199) – is (just) one of the programs we are running in our small collective, started in 2004. and dedicated to the exploration of critical approaches to new media culture and technology, new social, cultural and artistic relations. So far, kuda.read has published mostly bilingual in Serbian and English language. Until 2011 publishing program of kuda.org have been realized in cooperation with the publishing house Futura publikacije, Novi Sad, Revolver Frankfurt and Autonomedia New York. From 2011, kuda.read is officialy registered as the publishing body.

The kuda.read publishing program develops in three directions: 1. It is irregular and its irregularity stems from the urgency of themes or events we find necessary to address in the broader context. For example: a need to address some of the general trends in contemporary art and cultural production, bosting local cultural practitioners (if we would think of publication as a toll of immediate impact), 2. to try and create more discursive trends within local production of arts and culture and 3. to work on networking with different types of organizations and initiatives of similar interests.

Our publishing program is partly a matter of documenting bigger projects but also an attempt to ‘instrumentalize’/to use it in terms of promotion of the projects. By giving away publications for free and using them also as a promotional material,  we are accumulating a form of social capital to be further re-invested and inquiring into further modes of production sustainbilty.